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Action on Climate

By 31st July 2019 No Comments

“We must act now to make Dublin a climate positive capital in a way that is inclusive and fair for all families.”

We need  immediate action to preserve our shared environment. We must transform the way we live, eat and work. In the near future, I hope that the way we create and use energy will be completely different, that we will take nothing for granted and that we can greatly reduce the amount of waste we produce.

As a human rights lawyer and social change activist I know we can face this challenge together in the same way that we have faced other important issues.

I believe:

  • the principles of Community, Inclusion and Equality must be at the heart of our response to the climate emergency.
  • we must have an integrated energy and climate plan that enables fundamental change at national and local level.
  • changing and adapting our behaviour must be coordinated and shared fairly so that no group or community feel singled out.

I was happy to see Minister Richard Bruton publish the Climate Action Plan and I will be raising my thoughts and vision with him.

More information on the Climate Plan is available here.