Funding for ‘Older Persons’ Friendly’ Projects

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New Government funding scheme for community and voluntary groups to support older people in their community.

The scheme now open for applications until the closing date on Thursday 15 August 2019.  The €1m grant scheme is available to community and voluntary groups to support older people to stay well and remain connected with their local community. Around €250,000 of this funding will be allocated to dementia-related initiatives.

I believe these supports are really important. I would encourage community and voluntary groups in Dublin Central to submit ‘Older Persons’ Friendly’ projects that are informed by current strategies such as National Positive Ageing Strategy, the Irish National Dementia Strategy, the Carers’ Strategy and the Task Force on Loneliness.

You can get further detail on the grant scheme here: www.hse.ie

If you need any help with applying for the scheme, please let me know as I would be happy to assist. You can email me at Hello@DeirdreDuffy.ie or ring me on 083 383 4037.