Investing in community

I want an Ireland where:

  • We build strong, resilient and caring communities through adequate resourcing, real participation and representation and support
  • We have a society of opportunity where everyone has a voice in decisions that affect us, working together to build a strong, inclusive, safer and kinder community for us all.


Ireland is fortunate to live in an open and safe society. Communities are backbone of our society with more than 20,000 organisations within the community and voluntary sector. However sometimes, people and their communities can face challenges of anti-social behaviour or crime.


I want to see:

1. Targeted investment in our communities by enhancing and resourcing local participation in adult and community education, community development and groups, local government, civic structures and voting, arts, sporting and cultural life.

2. Policing which is driven by the needs of the community it serves and protects victims of crime.